Protecting Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy

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In the suburbs of a large city, such as Philadelphia, most people need a car. Most areas in Chester, Montgomery, and Berks County have subpar public transportation, and losing your means of transportation affects your ability to maintain employment or complete basic everyday activities like grocery shopping, going to doctor’s appointments, and transporting your children.

While areas like Pottstown, Reading, Phoenixville, West Chester, and Norristown have basic public transportation, your life is still seriously impacted by losing your own automobile. In rural areas like Douglassville, Boyertown, Birdsboro, and Kennett Square public transportation does not exist, and a car is even more important. You may be scared to file bankruptcy because you are worried that you will lose your car, which could seriously complicate your life. However, in most cases, your car or truck can be protected in a bankruptcy filing.

How Can My Car Be Protected When Filing For Bankruptcy In Montgomery, Berks, and Chester County, Pa?

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as long as you are current on your car payments, your car should be completely protected in a bankruptcy filing. Even if you are behind on your car an experienced attorney should be able to help you get caught up and keep your means of transportation.

Even if you are too far behind on your car payments, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get caught up. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to keep your car while getting caught up in making a reasonable payment through the Trustee’s office. There may even be times when an attorney can help you “cram down” the value of your car so that your monthly payment is much lower. A “cram down” is when your attorney and your auto lender work together to figure out a price that reasonably represents the value of the car you own.

We Can Help You With Filing For Bankruptcy In Pennsylvania.

The bankruptcy attorneys at RQP Law offer no-cost consultations to those in Berks, Montgomery, and Chester County who are worried about losing their automobile. Our attorneys can help you decide which type of plan will best suit your needs.


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