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Ensure that estate administrators are handling the probate process appropriately and learn your options to contest a will.

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How can you contest a will or the handling of probate in Pennsylvania if you feel an estate is being improperly executed? 

When a loved one dies, beneficiaries can be left in the dark as to what is happening with the estate. Are assets being properly inventoried and valued? Or is a caretaker or personal administrator taking advantage of his or her position and potentially engaging in fraud?

If you think that a personal administrator, caretaker or other person in a position of trust is mishandling the assets of an estate, it’s important to take prompt action or you may lose both your rights and your inheritance.

Our Pottstown attorneys can supervise the probate process to ensure that beneficiaries’ and/or personal administrators’ interests are protected. We serve West Chester, Reading, Norristown, King of Prussia, Limerick, Lansdale, Spring City, Philadelphia, and surrounding communities in Pennsylvania.

RQP Law can help take legal steps to protect your rights in cases of disputes involving:

    • Will contests in cases of undue influence, fraud or misrepresentation
    • Theft of assets by a personal administrator or caretaker
    • Fraudulent real estate transfers
    • Transfer of assets to a person who is not entitled to receive them
    • Removal of a personal administrator

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How RQP Law helps estate executors and personal administrators

Personal Administration

Learn about your responsibilities when executing another person’s estate.

Pennsylvania Tax Consequences

Estate taxation can be complex and costly if handled incorrectly by the estate’s administrator.

Will Contests & Probate Litigation

Ensure that the interests of beneficiaries and personal administrators are protected.

Pennsylvania Probate

Pay the bills of a deceased person, file taxes, and distribute the balance of the estate.

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