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Estate taxation can be complex in Pennsylvania and costs the estate a lot of money if not handled correctly.

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Navigating PA estate administrators to understand and minimize estate tax exposure

While most estates in Pennsylvania are exempt from the federal estate tax, the same cannot be said of the Pennsylvania inheritance tax. Pennsylvania assesses an inheritance tax on property owned by residents and nonresidents alike. If this tax is not paid within nine months of the person’s death, interest and penalties begin to accrue.

Estate taxation can be complex in Pennsylvania and cost the estate a lot of money if not handled correctly. If you’re the personal administrator of an estate, you can be held liable for taxes and penalties if the estate is distributed to beneficiaries before taxes are paid.

RQP Law estate tax attorneys have the experience needed to help you pay all necessary state and federal taxes upon a loved one’s death. We can also assist you with tax planning to minimize any taxes you may owe and take advantage of all possible exemptions.

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How RQP Law helps estate executors and personal administrators

Personal Administration

Learn about your responsibilities when executing another person’s estate.

Pennsylvania Tax Consequences

Estate taxation can be complex and costly if handled incorrectly by the estate’s administrator.

Will Contests & Probate Litigation

Ensure that the interests of beneficiaries and personal administrators are protected.

Pennsylvania Probate

Pay the bills of a deceased person, file taxes, and distribute the balance of the estate.

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