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Applying for Disability Benefits? Let Our Firm Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

We can cut through the red tape and help you apply and get approved for Social Security Disability Benefits. Social Security handles more than 10 million Disability applications per year and it’s easy for your application to get lost amongst the crowd. Consider hiring our experienced firm to do the heavy lifting and give you the best chance of getting approved. Let us put our years of experience representing Disability clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida and North Carolina to work for you.

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Whether you’re filing your initial claim or disputing a decision from Social Security, RQP Law can help with your Social Security Disability needs

Social Security Disability
Application Process

The initial Social Security Disability Application itself can be a daunting task for many people, especially those who are hampered by physical or mental health conditions.  The application includes information about medical providers, hospitalizations, medications, work history, and other personal information.  The way this information is presented can increase or decrease your likelihood of being approved for benefits. This is why it is important to engage with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer from the very beginning of your Social Security Disability case.

Social Security Appeal Process

A majority of initial claims for Social Security Disability are denied by the agency for several reasons. Almost any reason for denial can be appealed, and in most instances should, be appealed.

The Social Security Disability appeals process is broken into two phases, the reconsideration phase and the hearing phase.  A reconsideration phase is basically a second look at your claim after your initial claim is denied to ensure that the first person who denied your claim did not miss something or to see if new evidence changes the outcome.  The hearing phase allows you and your attorney to go before a Federal Administrative Law Judge and present your case in court, you can provide additional evidence, testimony, written statements and arguments from your attorney on why your case should be approved.  Having an experienced disability attorney, like the ones at RQP Law can make all the difference.

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