What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Jan 22, 2020Bankruptcy Law0 comments

Maybe you are reaching out to us because you are overwhelmed and stressed out over your creditors harassing you. Maybe you are reaching out to us because you were doing some research online and were worried about what you were reading. Allow us to help get rid of that stress.

Most people read about Chapter 7 bankruptcy online and everything talks about selling property to pay creditors. Obviously, this would concern anyone who owns property – big or small! Something that the online resources may not mention is that expert, bankruptcy attorneys can protect your assets. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcies never result in any property being sold. In these cases, you would be able to keep your property and discharge your debt.

The internet is full of knowledge, but nothing can compete with a consultation with an experienced attorney in order to help put your mind at ease. For a brief overview of what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy looks like, watch the video below. If reading this helped you or if the video below helped you, contact us today and get rid of your questions, your stress, and your debt all in one place!


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