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At RQP Law, our goal is to keep our clients and local community aware of the latest information regarding bankruptcy law, social security law, estate planning, and estate administration. We hope you can find the answers you’re looking for, and if you can’t, please feel free to utilize our 24/7 live chat or schedule a meeting with our team.

Economic Realties Of Chester County PA Foreclosures

In Pennsylvania, Chester County ranks first in average household income and first in average home price. By looking at those stats alone, you would assume there were little to no foreclosures in that county. However, a quick look at the January 2015 sheriff sale list tells a different story; approximately 50+ pages of foreclosures. I […]

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Protecting Animals in Bankruptcy

Let’s face it – a lot of people are facing economic difficulties today. Even though the employment rate has gone down significantly since 2009, the wage rate has not increased as rapidly as inflation. This squeeze in discretionary income has forced many people to look towards bankruptcy as a way of absolving their debts. When […]

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Protecting Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy

In the suburbs of a large city, such as Philadelphia, most people need a car. Most areas in Chester, Montgomery, and Berks County have subpar public transportation, and losing your means of transportation affects your ability to maintain employment or complete basic everyday activities like grocery shopping, going to doctor’s appointments, and transporting your children. […]

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Are Taxes Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?

The internet is littered with false information regarding discharging taxes through bankruptcy. It is very important that a qualified bankruptcy attorney properly advises you on the specifics of discharging your taxes. This is a complicated area of the law that requires a very specific analysis of the type of taxes, age of the taxes, date […]

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I Have A Second Mortgage That I Can’t Pay.

The real estate bubble in the mid-2000s created a unique situation where many homes were worth less than the combined mortgage balances. Home equity loans were considered mortgages for the purpose of this article. This lack of equity in the home is known as being “underwater”. If you are underwater, you are trapped in your […]

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I Cannot Pay My Student Loans!

Student loans are a major problem that continues to worsen. Because of the willingness of lenders to underwrite excessive amounts of student loan debt and the willingness of the federal government to insure these loans, the cost of education continues to increase without limits because the flow of borrowed money to schools continues to increase. […]

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